Self-care Services

We create space for womxn to empower womxn.

We are first generation, womxn-led.

We provide a platform for all individuals including those within the LGBTQ2+ community, BIPOC founded brands; and ultimately, we foster dynamic, inclusive and brave healing spaces for all.

Take a peak at our self-care professionals and their services. Please reach out with any questions to or contact your service provider directly.


All clients must fill out a Spa Waiver + Consent Form.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes early if you need time to fill out your spa waiver+consent form.

Tips for first time sugaring clients:

        1. Make sure your hair is at least ¼-inch long — above the size of grain of rice. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to get sugared and you’ll have to reschedule. If it’s on the longer side — 3/4 inch or more — your technician is happy to trim it for you.
        2. A few days before your appointment, lightly exfoliate with a buffing mitt or washcloth to get some dead skin cells out of the way. This will help prevent stray hairs from getting left behind.
        3. The day of, minimize your caffeine and alcohol prior to your appointment. 
        4. To minimize pain or discomfort, take an over-the-counter pain reliever about 30 minutes before your appointment.

Service Providers


Olivia, Licensed Esthetician
 for Camellia Club
Olivia offers all things brows; shaping, tint, henna and facial waxing services. She is also the empress of beautiful, natural looking lash extensions and also offers everyone's favorite lash lift service. Olivia also offers Reiki Energy Work. 10% of her proceeds are donated quarterlly to the Northwest Nikkei Museum - Japanese American Cultural and Community Center of Washington. For inquiries, feel free to email

Reiki is high vibrational balancing energy, helping shift out low vibrational energies, putting one's physical body in the best condition to promote healing. Olivia is a passionate energy work facilitator brining in new energetic resources that help shift out what is no longer serving, what is not yours and what is not meant to be carried any longer. *Sliding scale avaialbe.

Lash Extensions: NEW CLIENTS please email for waiting list

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Alecz, Licensed Esthetician

Specializing in the art of sugaring hair removal, Alecz aims to create a comfortable and inclusive environment for her clients while providing expert-level sugaring and skincare services. Alecz is thorough and quick while taking extra care to ensure that your sugaring experience is as comfortable and painless as possible. In addition to sugaring, Alecz is also equipped with an extensive knowledge in skin care and provides every client with a proper aftercare regimen to produce best results post-sugaring. Alecz looks forward to providing intentional and tranquil self-care services that leave you feeling flawless in your own skin.

When Alecz is away from Good Sister Shop, you can find her at one of her favorite music venues, vinyl shopping, making phenomenal playlists, hanging out with her codependent cats, and traveling with her husband.

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