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Awake Fruite Enzyme Glow Cleanser

Awake Fruite Enzyme Glow Cleanser

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Enriched with VITAGLOWDA Brightening Complex and plant extracts to promote cell oxygenation, re-energise the skin and revive a dull complexion.

This refreshing cream formula glides on, swipes impurities and rinses clear without foaming. Gently exfoliating, it suits all skin types – but works astonishingly well at decongesting overloaded skin. Fruit enzymes work in tandem with exfoliating Oat silk to remove every impurity, while non-comedogenic hydrators leave skin feeling supple. It gently but reliably cuts through make-up and SPF leaving the skin feeling soft and looking radiant while promoting fresh new skin cell production.

How To Use

1. Apply one or two pumps directly to dry skin. 2. Gently massage on to face. 3. Add water and continue massaging for 60- 90 seconds. 4. Rinse well and pat dry with a face cloth.

Pro tip:

While working out is great for your skin, body, and mind, lingering sweat is not. Washing your face immediately after you exercise removes oil, sweat, and bacteria rather than allowing it to sit on your skin, where it can clog pores and cause breakouts. While you may be tempted to wait until you shower, wash your face as soon as you can after your workout to prevent this buildup.

Recommended For

All skin types – especially those looking for a nourishing solution to cleanse and brighten skin.

pH: 4.4 - 5.5


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